Hometown: Lakeport, CA
Born: Fontana, CA
Birthdate: 10/15/1969

Strength: Big Baits
Favorite Rod: Quantum PT 7'9" Swimbait Rod / Performance Tackle Custom Cranking Stick
Favorite Reel: Quantum Tour Edition 1171PT
Favorite Lake: Clear Lake, CA

Many thanks to all the fellow angler's who have helped me along the way. Although currently I am not at the level I want to be, I am well on the way with the help of many people. Mark Mendez, Jay Brousseau, Jim Reyes, Matt Newman, Jimmy Reese, Ken Mah, Aaron Coleman, Jim Davis, John Harper and so many more have all helped me in so many ways on the water, learning the small details that are the difference between catching limits of fish and blanking. Hopefully I can soon put it all together and attain my highest goals. One thing is for certain, I will continue the quest until I do.



As early as I can remember I have always loved to fish. It all began with my grandmother and grandfather taking me trout fishing to the high sierra mountains, where I fished all the daylight hours and sometimes more. Until only the past few years fishing was just a recreational activity for me which I did only in my leisure time.

Prior to taking fishing more serious, I spent most of my life playing football and golf at all levels. I have turned to fishing for the love of competition, the comraderie of the other anglers and to push myself to once again become the best I can be at something I love to do.

I have many inspirations in my life, the drive to be successful and the raw determination to do whatever it takes to become just that. I have learned these aspects from my outstanding parents who not only supported me throughout all my endeavors but, also engrained in me the ambition and dedication it takes to be successful. They did this not only through verbal direction but, with their own actions as well. I also owe a big thank you to my High School football coach, Dick Bruich (National Champions 1987), for giving me the confidence and mental toughness needed to overcome obstacles along the way and become a true winner.